Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Players Club presents a Do It Live Production of 
William Shakespeare’s
Bad Romance or Rad Bromance?

February 3 - 13th, 2011  
2/3-5 @ 8pm; 2/6 @ 2pm; 2/10-12 @ 8pm; & 2/13 @ 2pm   

at SF State's Creative Arts Building
1600 Holloway Ave., SF, CA, 94132 (Get a map!)
$10 online at - $8 for students.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Do It Live Productions and the Players Club introduce TWO GENTS OF VERONA, an irreverent, edgy take on the Bard that Judd Apatow would envy.  Trading in the courtesy book for Facebook, director Will Hand and Bill Shakespeare team up to scathingly expose our new generation to TWO GENTS, The Original Bro-mantic Comedy, coming February 3, 2011.  

Here’s the trailer:  the TWO GENTS are breaking up!  Valentine and Proteus, once best buds, are finally going their separate ways—or so they think.  Valentine’s off to Milan to see the world and travel; Proteus finally has a chance with the girl of his dreams, but his parents have other plans and buy him a one-way ticket to Italy.  The local Duke takes on the gents as interns, but their attention shifts quickly from work to play when Proteus falls for the apple of Valentine’s eye—the Duke’s daughter—and suddenly it’s every man for himself.  The Bro Code is on the line when Proteus finds a sure-shot move to win her hand at the cost of Valentine’s certain doom.  Will he prove a slave to his own hormones?  Or will he learn the cardinal rule?  Bros before prose.

TWO GENTS, inspired by Robin Marantz Henig's popular and infuriating New York Times polemic What is it About 20-Somethings?, is uniquely contemporary, making full use (and fool-use) of our times to let Shakespeare tell the world exactly what it is about 20-somethings that make them so goddamn annoying.    

“Ragging on 20 year olds always has its appeal,” explains director Will Hand, “but our show is really about the sentimental kid who always gets his feelings hurt versus the tough, machismo type.... The fun thing here is seeing an indie kid shuck all that in an instant and morph into an Italian Metrosexual Manbot.”

TWO GENTS runs February 3 to 13, 2011, with various show times as follows:  Feb 3-5 @ 8pm; Feb 6 @ 2pm; Feb 10-12 @ 8pm and Feb 13 @ 2pm.  Tickets cost $10 and are available at the door or online at  More information at  

TWO GENTS is produced by the Players Club, a venerable organization of SF State students in conjunction with Do It Live; with William Hand, director; Kenny Toll, assistant director; Jeremy Forbing, dramaturg; and featuring:  Ben Landmesser, Michael Saarela, Dennice Cisneros, Meredith Mitchell, Cody Metzger, Frannie Morrison, Lauren Burgat, Shay Wisniewski , Gabby Battista, Brennan Cook, Andrew Nolan, Ian Hopps, Brett Hunt, Lorenzo Ferrer, and Marius Layus.


ABOUT DO IT LIVE:  Having assembled a dirty dozen of the hungriest actors the formidable SF State has to offer, Will Hand wants to see a SF that likes its theater like it likes its food:  irreverent, cross-disciplinary, ranging from the refined classics to the downright insane and unheard of--like cultivating the theatrical equivalent of Rum and Cornflake Ice Cream.  And this crack team of starving artists can do just that. They're in love with the classics, but tired of same-old, same-old, and what they lack in mileage they make up for in enthusiasm.  

TWO GENTS is entirely student-managed by: Stage Management:  Lauren Nardozzi - Stage Manager, Molly Clancy - Assistant Stage Manager; Designers:  Jessie Chaffin - Set Designer, Joe D’Emilio - Lighting Designer, Joey Postil - Assistant Lighting Designer, Crista Llewellyn - Costume Designer, Caleb Cabrera - Sound Designer; Technical Team: Technical Director - Joe D’Emilio. Assistant Technical Director - Sara Barton